Rogers Media: Understanding Content Consumption

Catchup on the Rogers Media Business Objectives post!

Understanding Content Consumption

This is the core of all media analytics.

In order to better serve your readers, you need to understand what articles are driving the most traffic. Where the people reading the article are coming from & whether or not they’re actually coming back is crucial data.

Loyalty is a very big deal in media, everyone has a favourite place to go to get their daily dose. Serving one advertisement every 5 articles could be better than serving 3-4 crammed on a page if the reader comes back daily.

Beyond just that, understanding the core subjects that drive traffic on your site is also really important. For example, Hello Canada tends to write a lot about the Royal Family because its target audience tends to go ham on anything related to them! Go ahead, visit their site if you don’t believe me… Hello Magazine!

Another example is Sportsnet. Let’s head to Sportsnet and take a look at what type of information is exposed when you first land on the page. If you’re technical enough; open the js console & search up “rdm.dtm.dl” and you’ll find a “dataLayer” which is basically just an object with server & client side information exposed. View here if you’re lazy.

You’ll notice there’s user data, content metadata, time, device information amongst other tidbits including video which we’ll touch in another article. One thing to note here – other than the homepage, check out some actual article pages and you will notice more of the dataLayer is filled in. So with this data being sent back to Adobe Analytics via DTM we can answer the above business questions.


Mandatory link to Rogers’ FAQ explanation of what data they collect.