Rogers Media: Business Objectives

Rogers Media are the leading media company in Canada. Owning a whopping total of 90+ brands -including the likes of Sportsnet, Macleans, and Chatelaine – they reach around 95% of the Canadian population and as you can therefore imagine, their data practice is central to their business.

Throughout the posts linked below you’ll get an insider’s view of their data practice and how Rogers use data in order to drive their business objectives.

To begin with, we start with the larger business goal, which is to maximize the number of advertisements seen by a reader, then followed by a couple of smaller objectives that will allow us to achieve said goal:

  1. Advertisement Strategy
  2. Understanding content consumption (video & articles)
  3. Targeted Adverti$ment$
  4. ~ Something ~ #infiniteScroll
  5. ~ Something ~ #AMP

As I go through a couple of the objectives, I’ll be linking them to the business goal then highlighting how the data is structured, where it gets sent & then how it is used.

Now, some background.

Rogers make use of the adobe experience cloud, just incase you haven’t heard of it:

  • Adobe Analytics, a tool for storing digital analytics data from websites, apps and IOT devices;
  • Adobe Audience Manager, a tool designed to merge online & offline data to power better analysis of customers;
  • Adobe Target, an A/B testing tool used to well, do A/B testing;


  • Adobe DTM (Dynamic Tag Manager)

Whilst the last isn’t technically part of the experience cloud, it is the backbone of all of the above & deserves a mention due to its role of  connecting the website to the rest of the stack.

First up on the list is Advertisement Strategy!