Our Origins & My Motivation

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Have you ever looked around and wondered how this all happened? How it all originated, came about, slotted together? Not spiritually. Not how the world was created, or if it was created, depending on your beliefs. I’m talking about the progression from cavemen to civilised society. How minds and bodies who lived hundreds of years ago laid the groundwork for the life we lead today.

Blessings we don’t know we have, provided by people we didn’t know existed.

The true grunt work done by these masses of faceless individuals will remain undocumented and for the most part, unappreciated. Only the minds who warped the norm; altering the course of humanity or accelerated mankind’s progress are truly recognised.  A depressing thought, but in history there is simply no room for the average or mediocre. Deep down, we all know this. In fact, we’ve accepted it.

What isn’t apparently obvious is that we’re born into this system we call everyday life that forces us to contribute in order to survive. From earlier than you can even remember, you were pushed onto this conveyor belt and have been on it ever since. Nursery, primary, secondary, high-school, college and finally university, after which you’re left in a haze of misdirection; who to become and how to lead out the remainder of your life following the excruciating introduction to this world.

For those who manage to stick it through, we leave the academia belt with GPAs representing how much knowledge we’ve gathered or rather, just how committed we are to the subject in question. A great statistic for employers, but utterly useless if your goal is to fundamentally impact the way the human race is progressing.

If that’s your goal then my advice for you is to pick up a trade  from that conveyor belt and invest your efforts. To learn. Then, stretch your capabilities and pick another one. Question its connection to the first. Find a way to bridge the two, even add a third to the mix if you must. Observe this connection closely.  The subjects you learn at school are man made borders between an ecosystem of knowledge, interconnected more than ever before. Only then will you find yourself with the tools to create.

Take facebook; a combinaton of not only two words but three fields. Statistics, psychology and computer science combined make the basis of how Facebook targets its advertisements to specific audence, thus making its millions. Nobody taught or showed Zuckerburg that. He learned, questioned, observed, and finally implemented.

Embrace your abilities, and observe, and create. You can change the world one puzzle piece at a time.



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