The Master Key to Success

Success is a funny subject. There are plenty of books, videos and articles on the master key to success, most written by far more successful people than myself; pages of stories, tips, tricks & guides on to how to attain it.

Ultimately, I’d argue it all really comes down to asking yourself one simple question.

How do I maximize the probability of what I want happening?

Being the nerdy Data Scientist I am, when I ask myself this question I decompose the answer into two key parts.

  1. Information I need to attain;
  2. Actions I can take

Notice the order, information & then action. The person who acts without knowledge is a fool, whether you are fighting to clinch that promotion, buy a condo or identify your path through life; you need to attain as much information as possible.

What information you look for usually depends on what you’re trying to do. As an example, I was attempting to buy a condo fairly recently & I was extremely fascinated by how much game theory there is in the process.

You send a bid into the seller & all the seller can do is show other other buyers that there is a formal bid in. Essentially leaving out any information regarding price or when they plan on closing. Your real estate agent is then left managing your expectations, trying figure out what the other bids look like based on market value & the other real estate agents priors.

This is a prime example of how holding back or sharing information back can lead to a shift in power either way and ultimately, power (in one of its many forms) is what you need to attain success.

Once you have attained all the information you can get ahold of, you figure out how to best action it. Thinking of the multiple outcomes your actions could lead to is vital, plan meticulously & maximize the number of paths to attaining your main objective.

I remember when I started on my path, humble beginnings in my bedroom with nothing but frustration. Just like me you’ll likely spend plenty of time planning your actions and attaining as much information as possible, get use to it if you want to be successful.