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  • Rogers Media: Understanding Content Consumption

    Catchup on the Rogers Media Business Objectives post! Understanding Content Consumption This is the core of all media analytics. In order to better serve your readers, you need to understand what articles are driving the most traffic. Where the people reading the article are coming from & whether or not they’re actually coming back is crucial data. […]

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  • Rogers Media: Business Objectives

    Rogers Media are the leading media company in Canada. Owning a whopping total of 90+ brands -including the likes of Sportsnet, Macleans, and Chatelaine – they reach around 95% of the Canadian population and as you can therefore imagine, their data practice is central to their business. Throughout the posts linked below you’ll get an insider’s […]

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  • Stitching Stats: YC


    It’s a place where people come together and conspire to create worthwhile products that provide value. A place where ideas get turned into billion dollar companies & impact the masses. YC has been called home by companies which have gone on to be worth a whopping 70 billion dollars, making it one of, if not the most […]