• Facebook: Degrees of Separation

    Humans are (for the most part) social animals, we thrive when we congregate and poll our resources together. So how interconnected are we? Poets, screen writers and scientists have all posed the question but up until recently there’s never really been a good measure of the degrees of separation between any two people. Six degrees of […]

  • Computing
  • Machine Learning & Technical Debt

    Ward Cunningham coined the metaphor “technical debt” back in 1992, using it to illustrate the long term cost of moving quickly and cheaply when architecting software. As with fiscal debt, not all debt is bad. But all debt requires strategic maintenance, Martin Fowler wrote a best seller centred around the topic of combating this technical debt through […]

  • ADS
  • ADS: Boyer Moore String Search

    Much like Naive Matching the Boyer-Moore algorithm solves the problem of finding a sub-string in a string. The difficulty of this mirrors that of the needle in a haystack problem. One of the foremost differences between the two is efficiency. The Boyer-Moore algorithm is seen as a benchmark for practical string search and is widely used in tasks […]