25 Years and Counting

With my 25th birthday coming up this week, more and more of my time has been spent reviewing my life.

I’ve been thinking about all the decisions I’ve made and where it’s all lead me. The personal and work relationships that’ve thrived and those that have fizzled out. The cross continental moves I’ve made, some forced others by choice and generally what the past 25 years of my life has given me in terms of skills and experience, comfort and joy.

Skills & Experience

God. I could go on and on about all the skills I’ve supposedly acquired. But the truth is the more you learn the more you realize you don’t have all the answers.

Recently I’ve started to focus more and more on self-organization. What routine do I perform my best in? What small habits are draining my energy? Just generally observing my environment trying to understand how to optimize it for my own growth through A/B testing small changes.

But more broadly, the technical & entrepreneurial skills I’ve attained are probably the most valuable. Being able to experience what being an entrepreneur is like across 3 continents is no small feat. Each time with a completely different set of people and personalities, products and markets .

I’ve come to realize that technology moves forward in a double for loop type motion.

for (technology in humanImagination):
    for (techTool in technology):
        // race to learn the newest library, tool etc..

And I’ve made a conscious effort to try to not fall into being a techTool by expanding out and focusing on understanding what the real world looks like. More specifically how technology plays a part rather than diving into the details and getting left behind trying to master the details.

Comfort & Joy

Honestly, I consider myself remarkably lucky to be able to make good money while still delivering value to my employer and more importantly the customers I serve. That being said, I’m still searching for some ownership; being able to point to something and say “Hey, I’m the reason that thing exists and can help X many people” is definitely something I find myself craving more and more.

Another lesson I’ve learnt is that I need a break occasionally. Burn out is definitely something I experience regularly in my work & social life; finding a balance is necessary. Haven’t fully cracked that yet.

All in all, a good 25 year learning sprint comes to an end. May the next one be just as adventure filled.